Sunday, December 20, 2009

Diahann Carroll - Archive Interview

Actress Diahann Carroll talks about her early years and influences.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Book TV: Andrew Sorkin, "Too Big To Fail"

"Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System--and Themselves"

New York Times reporter and columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin talks about the 2008 financial crisis and the government's response to it. Mr. Sorkin spoke at Credit Suisse in New York City during an event hosted by the Foreign Policy Association.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

HCommerce - Your PC Under Attack


Trailer - "H*Commerce: The Business of Hacking You"

The world wide web has become the wild wild west: ruthless, lawless, every man for himself. Each day billions of online scams are targeted at anyone and everyone in cyberspace, and if only a tiny fraction are successful, it's still incredibly lucrative. "H*COMMERCE: The Business of Hacking You" explores the inner workings of this dark trade and exposes how opening just one malicious email can disrupt a life or tear a family apart.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tavis Smiley--Timing is Everything

Tavis talks about how he got started and how timing is everything.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Website: My Pace University Class Posting on Blackboard

I'm taking a course at Pace University entitled Strategic Internet Marketing (MAR 349A). We each had to post our favorite websites. I posted just one of mines. It's the one relating to my Web Services Business. The Professor asked for more information and I responded. I'd also like to share the question and response here on my Blog.

Here we go...

Author: Professor
Date: Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow!!! ...look out

Your website is very impressive. Is this your primary business? Can you tell the class about your site, and web hosting in general?


Author: Student (Mike Holman)
Date: Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi Professor/Class,

Thank You!

Here we go...

This is one of my businesses, but a very key business.

Some others of similar models are as follows (using similar model described below):

* - Web Reseller Services
* - Telecom Services
* - Job Portal

The allows me to offer users a number of options such as the following:

* Search for a Domain Name ( to see if it's available by click on the words Domain Name (in white letters on a black background) and then choosing Register a Domain Name to be used with a Hosting Plan here, "Forwarded" to another Website or just "Parked" here for later use
* Choose a Hosting Plan under the Hosting Plan Title for either a domain name purchase here or managed via another provider
* Choosing a Plan for a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. Every now and then you go to website where when you are making a purchase you will see the little "lock" symbol to indicate the website is secure.
* Choose an Email Plan for domain names they have purchased
* Choose among a host of Marketing Tools such as Fax Through Email eliminating the need to have a fax machine as documents once created or scanned into your PC and be emailed to any fax machine and the user can also receive faxes via this same email account. I use this product often.
* Build a Website. There are tools you can use to build your website using applications, but sometimes you just want to create right then and there without any additional applications create with and then subsequently upload to your site. This option allows you choices to achieve that goal

When you visit the towards the top middle in white letters on black background you will see an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link. There is link for Hosting Services and then a few guides, one of which is Web Hosting. The link to the PDF Guides can be found at the following address (which can also be downloaded):

With Website Hosting you have the ability build your website directly with the hosting provider. You'll be given a option as the link above shows which Operating System Platform you want your website hosted on. You can choose Linux or Windows. When you purchase a Laptop today, in some case you can choose whether you want a Windows Laptop or Linux Laptop. Depending on the version you choose it will determine which programs you will run. Originally when it came to Web Hosting platforms I used only Windows. Later as my needs for developing online databases grew I found that with database in use over the web, Databases run on a Windows Hosted Plan would lockup more and I would have little or no issues with Databases run on a Linux Hosting Platform.

With Web Hosting I can determine what content (text,pictures,video, powerpoints, etc.) I want to put on my website.

One of the key question is how do you get that content on your website. Here where you have a number of options some of which are as follows:

* File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This program allows you to log into your Web Hosting Account and upload, download or modify content. On Pace University's Resource Center computer there is the FTP program called Core FTP.
* Website Editing Software
o Adobe Dreamweaver also found on Pace University's Resource Center computers
o There are other programs such a Microsoft Frontpage which is now sold directly by Microsoft (still available elsewhere) any longer as it is now replaced with Microsoft Expression
o Adobe Cold Fusion which works with Database Integration in your Website

I use to think that with Web Hosting there could not be much more than getting a hosting provider and a website, but there is much more! I ran into situation where I only wanted certain pages visible to certain individual. In this case I need to password protect certain pages and even folders. When I first started out I used Microsoft Frontpage to also find out of pages had broken links.

Oh yes, and then there's seeing how it can generate money (smile)...Take a look at the following:

* When you run across these Ads on websites, trust, someone is getting paid. By running ads on your website or even certain pages, you can get paid when people actually click on the links on your site (when you run your own ad service) or when people make purchase based on clicks on your site (through the ad services of other vendors).
* You can setup via your Website Online Course Study Programs. Its like having your own personal blackboard Certain courses can be free or at a cost. With your Webhosting Package you can choose from a list of "Plug and Play" applications that can be automatically installed on your website. One courseware application is Moodle. I setup a test Course for this post at You can choose to Login As Guest and the KEY is 349

As you can see Web Hosting offers Multiple options depending on your needs.

Hopes this helps!

Best Regards

Friday, August 21, 2009

In-Depth Look - High Tech Ads - Bloomberg

In September Issue of Entertainment Weekly, CBS to Run Video Ad; According to Media Kitchen President Barry Lowenthal, Speaking Ads are a $2 Million Investment (Bloomberg News)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do It All - Suffer the Consequences

When you try to do it all, you're sending messages like you need to improve your management skills, you have an out-of-control ego or both.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

NYRegion: Hip Hop and Burgers, in Hollis, Queens

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February 23, 2009
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Run-DMC and other hip-hop stars came out of Hollis, Queens. Now a new burger joint has opened there that also pays tribute to them, as the Hollis Hip Hop Museum.

Run-DMC at Hollis Famous Burgers

Daryl from Run-DMC spoke at Hollis Famous Burgers, a hip-hop museum/resteraunt in Hollis, Queens. He spoke about the history of hip-hop in Hollis, and how the youth of Hollis can work to achieve something like the success of Run-DMC.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dawning Of The Information Age - How One Segment Looked

Just this week I had to do a paper for a Pace University class I'm taking on one of the historical events that really had an impact on history. The paper had to be somewhat extensive and I thought "Woe Is Me!". Low and behold after conducting a search, I found a website the zeroed in on the Top Ten Historical Events at

Seeing how I love Information Technology, my eyes immediately zeroed in on number 9, The Dawning Of The Information Age.

This was in my opinion a "loaded" topic as there are so many aspects and I had to think of what could I zero in on. I decided to zero in on flow of digital information exchange as I saw it as well as played a role in the early 1990's. Similar to an article I did recently and posted on my Blog, reflecting on Wall Street in the 1980's, once again to some what you are about to read may seem unclear in terms of trying to get a picture of what was going on, to others it may seem a little clear and yet to others it will be crystal clear. Here's just a little portion of the paper I came up with...

The Information Age brought about computers and the internet.
The factual information is that we are able to do more now than we could prior to the dawning of information age. Computers in their current form today were on-existent. The computers that did exist took up the size of a large room. Computer code was written on punch cards and “fed” into the computers. There is a podcast on iTunes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that speak of how things were prior to the real evolution of the information age.

The computers that did exist that could be used by individuals as noted in the podcast had very little memory and hard disk space. Because of this the programs written to run on these computers also had very limited capabilities. The computer programming code existed on tape recorders. I know this personally because I used the computers like this. One of the early computers that were in existence was made by Radio Shack and was called the TRS-80. The computer was not stand alone with a display but rather was more like a keyboard with outlets to input peripherals. To this “keyboard” I connected my TV which served as a display. I also connected little snap in cartridges which contained the programs I wanted to run. There were cartridges for Word Processing, Spreadsheets and even online communications via Videotext Cartridge. There was also a programming language cartridge called Basic Assembler. You could save your work (Wording Docs, Spreadsheets, etc.) on to a Cassette Tape Recorder. To get online I used a cable connected to the keyboard that when into a separate Modem. This Modem connected me to the Information Services that existed at the time such as CompuServe Information Service (CIS). This was the “Internet” for users of the time. You were able to read the latest news, join in Bulletin Board Discussions as well as participate in Live Chat.

Information Exchange was a key part of the Information Age. As the Information Age further evolved, individual users found that that if they did not want to pay for an online information service such as CompuServe, they could create they own exchange of information between one or more users. This was done via the use of Computer Bulletin Board Systems or BBS’s. I ran one of these systems. Users were able to l dial my system (my actual telephone line) and I had my computer setup “ready” to take calls from users. I had Message Boards setup for users to exchange information with each other on my system. A Network of Computer Users evolved that at certain intervals at night would “drop off” messages to other Bulletin Board Systems. The Message exchange would be to the “next closest” system so that eventually the message “drop off” would cover the global. Popular networks of that time were called Fido Net Systems where numerically assigned numbers were the “ID” number for the individual computer board systems. The cost was just the phone calls and thus the mail drop offs occurred late at night were rates were low.

At this point the Internet was not in full swing, but E-Commerce was “up and coming” Using these same Bulletin Board Systems users were able to subscribe to services during their dial up session and purchase products using a credit card. The Bulletin Board System would just as it “dropped off” mail, would “drop off” credit card transactions to a card processor for payment. Automation in these early stages was key, so I had my Bulletin Board System setup to automatically take an incoming call, from a user looking to exchange email and/or purchase products. That same evening my system would automatically go offline to drop of mail to the nearest BBS System part of the Fidonet Network and then make another call to process any pending credit card orders.

As the Information Age further evolved having a “Website” was the “in” thing to have. With your Website you now became automatically global. Users could now visit your website and do all of the things they did on your Dial up Bulletin Board System. Once more, while you could only have a limited amount of users on your Bulletin Board System, on the Internet via a Website there was no limit. You would only have to pay additionally charges if you had an exceeding large amounts of traffic called bandwidth. The Internet via a Website allowed for Multimedia which was a big step forward. You could now have Sound, Pictures and Video all on your website to enhance the user experience. You could now offer many of the same services that the online information systems such as CompuServe were offering. This capability often led to the demise of companies such as this because “everybody and their mother” could do the same thing.

Today, my Bulletin Board which was accessed by dialing a phone number is now called up via my website bearing the same name Holman's World. I can offer what I offered on the Bulletin Board Service and much more because of the evolvement of the Information Age.

The Big Online Services like CompuServe provided the “neat and cool stuff”. I found their offerings were quite exciting. The offered very manageable discussion boards. I actually served as Discussion Board Leader in many of these online forums. I saw what the board looked like from an Administrative point and was impressed. Just as companies were developing products for the BBS users, they were also developing products for the Large Online Services as well. As the Online Services could have numerous amounts of users online, their message boards were very large and just trying to read everything was a challenge. Companies developed software that allowed users to read their messages offline whether for a large online service or a Bulletin Board Service, thus saving online cost. These Offline Readers (OLR) were key for all users as they could mark read messages and compose responses to be sent during their next online session, whether on a large online service or on a computer Bulletin Board Service.

In the Information Age, we’ve come a long way and it seems we still have a long way to go as today’s technology is history by tomorrow.

As I did with my Wall Street Article Blog, I'd like to mention again an organization that has played a critical role in technological developements and that organization is BDPA Information Technology Though Leaders ( This organization was right at the forefront of the Bulletin Board Systems back in the day and had it's own FidoNet Style network called, BDPANET. Take at look at some the BDPA files from back in the day as well. Also the picture in this Blog post is me presenting an Internet Seminar at a BDPA National Conference actually during the time when the BDPANET and my BBS was in full swing. The Shown is what I actually used to run my BBS.

This paper mentioned the larger online services and offering such as Chat Sessions. I conducted some of them. What did they look like. Have Look at my Chat Logs from back in the day.

Lastly I tried to share an lesson on two on the regular and called them, "Information Highway Lessons".


Watch this video relative the Dawning of Age:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why We Love Wordpress by Elle Wood

When looking for information on a new topic, where do you go first? Most people would answer “the Internet. Now that we find ourselves in this wonderful information age, its remarkably easy to find everything from advice on buying a dog to finding a lawyer or looking up the time of the church picnic.

What does this mean for the small business owner? It means that a web presence is absolutely vital in growing your business. Word-of-mouth and referrals are the best way to spread news about your company, but even your existing customers may want to find out more about your hours or fees or services. And who’s going to turn down the business from a customer who chooses your business because of information found on the web?

But I can’t afford a web designer, you might say. It really doesn’t need to be as complicated as all that. Sure, companies like Target or Disney or Coke can have videos and close-up pictures and even games. If you’re not running one of those companies, you just want a web presence that will help people find you and the information they need about you. Even a casual computer user can get going with website-building software. Many types, such as SiteSpinner and Ewisoft, are free downloads. You will have to spend a bit of time perusing them to find the one that includes the features you want and directions you can easily follow.

You can build your web presence even further through the use of a weblog (commonly known as a blog. Informative articles and up-to-date information about your business can help potential customers find you and make the decision to use your services over that of a competitor. Again, you don’t need to be intimidated by the Internet. There is plenty of help for the creation and maintenance of a blog, most notably the free download WordPress. This flexible application can assist you in customizing and optimizing the content you provide.

If you consider yourself more of a business person than a creative type, you may be stumped for ideas. Again, dont let the notion of a web presence intimidate you! Begin by deciding what information customers will most need (e.g., general introduction, directions, calendars). Find sites you admire and decide what about them catches your attention. Get started on blogging ideas by checking out a WordPress gallery to see how others have incorporated written updates.

On of the biggest advantages of the Internet is its flexibility. You can begin with baby steps, whatever minimal work makes you comfortable, and eventually lead up to a complete, customer-generating, web presence.

About The Author
Elle Wood likes to share her love of Wordpress with businesses big and small. For more information regarding Wordpresss, please visit

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African Americans: The Case for Changing Now By Bret Searless

To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships.
W.E.B. Dubois, The Souls of Black Folk

There are historical reasons why African Americans need to make radical changes now in order to reap great financial rewards as a people. Collectively, we have been denied access to the river of wealth. A few unstoppable individuals have successfully made it but the majority is still not even close to the river’s edge.

Furthermore, as our people made progress and broke down social and political barriers in our society, dramatic economic shifts occurred that have changed how money is made and service is profitably rendered. It's a natural progression resulting from our great technological advancements; nonetheless, the unprepared and unskilled will be the losers during these changes.

History has many examples of people of color not being in the right place at the right time during these economic shifts in time. We have historical evidence to show that the ancient Egyptian civilization was an advanced society with a stable system of government, military strength and technology such as that used to build the pyramids. They had the basic elements of a sewage system, they lived in cities and houses they constructed and practiced medicine to heal diseases.

Much of Europe during this time was in its primitive stages, still living in caves and fighting the natural elements. However, rapid population growth and overcrowding, harsh living conditions, and disease forced the European cultures to compete aggressively for growingly scarce land and food resources. They developed more advanced weaponry in their constant conflicts with each other and for hunting purposes. They came together to form stable systems of government and increased their military might. After constant warring internally with each other, they turned their eyes outward toward expansion and domination. The natural pressures on European society created a compelling fighting instinct and ingenuity. With ships, armor and superior weaponry, the “Dark Continent� was conquered. The Europeans got downstream the river of wealth. These nations would reap the rewards for centuries to come. They found mostly mild resistance in their exploitation of native peoples in the conquered territory.

The historical record doesn’t end here. The European ruling class did not treat their own people much better. They sought religious freedom and eventually a few brave souls set off for the new world across the Atlantic Ocean. These people worked hard and struggled to carve out a niche for themselves here. Others came here seeking the opportunity to achieve wealth and land ownership without being nobility. A new era was ushered in and wealth began to flow in a new direction. Those that could claim, tame and make fruitful the land in this country would form the new noble class.

At this time of wealth transference, Black people were further removed from the flow of wealth. Instead of acquiring land and property in the new world, we became the property of others, compelled to work the land in this new world. We became living symbols of wealth to those that held ownership rights over us. We served the tables of the wealthy, worked their fields and nursed their infants but we would never become wealthy under this system. We were denied ownership rights, marital and familial bonds were disallowed and decimated. Also, physical and psychological deprivation threatened to rob us completely of our humanity. Survival and freedom comprised the hopes and dreams for our children.

Leaders emerged and a movement to abolish slavery grew both aboveground and underground. Whites and Blacks put their lives at risk to end the oppressive institution of slavery. By the time the bloody Civil War ended, slavery was already an archaic institution that achieved its economic purpose and was really a liability to southern slave owners who fought to keep the social order alive.

Technology, such as the cotton gin, was more efficient and cost effective then slave labor. The industrial age was in its infancy.

The flow of wealth was again changing directions as we began to experience freedom for the first time in this country. Farming and agricultural occupations were diminishing assets and manufacturing and industrial occupations were the new vehicles for wealth creation. Meanwhile, former slaves were promised forty acres and a mule. These assets would have served as vehicles for wealth creation in the agrarian age but they represent assets of waning value in the industrial age. They would have been a nice head start for economically deprived former slaves but the promise was never kept.

New methods were developed in the industrial age economy to keep us from the banks of the river of wealth. Segregation, racism and intimidation were used as weapons to hurt us and shut us out from all means possible of wealth creation. African American workers were only allowed to perform menial jobs in this economy. African American entrepreneurs were denied much needed start up capital, prime locations and key business contacts and contracts solely based on race. During this period of time, our attention was focused on expanding our freedoms by exercising them in the face of racial hatred and ignorance. And, again, leaders emerged breaking down barriers and opening many doors through which this generation may walk.

Now a new economic era is beginning. We have been behind the curve when it comes to changes in our economy. That one deficit alone will ensure that we will fail to prosper as a people and raise our standard of living in this society. The advent of the internet is just the beginning of this new era. The defeat of Soviet communism and the opening of global markets to capitalism clear some social hurdles to help make this new economy possible. Our world is tremendously smaller and more connected then ever.

For African Americans, this represents the first time in our evolutionary 350 years struggle that we can consciously make our way to the banks of the river of wealth and to take it as far as we can go. Like many that approach the river untrained and unprepared, the risk of shipwreck lies ahead. We must learn the new thinking and new skills demanded by these times.

This book will make you aware of these new skills and guide you in how to apply them to whatever you do now or desire to do in the future. These changes call for quick and radical change today.

This part of our continuing struggle must not take as many years as the first part. Gradual change will take too much time and be too late for us to generate wealth that we can pass on to our future generations. Though we fought and were victorious in all our struggles, we are left with the scars and a few open wounds that must heal before we move forward. This also makes us unique in our quest and why this book is different from any other book written that focuses on entrepreneurship and business success aimed at the majority of Americans.

How to Maintain Your Income Stream If You Are Laid Off? by Nicole Reebi

How to Maintain Your Income Stream If You Are Laid Off?

The world has entered into a recession, many corporations and companies had announced their job cutting news. If you are an employee for any of the companies that have plan to reduce their company's headcounts; then, your job will not be guaranteed. The question is how you are going to maintain your income stream just in case you are being laid off and unable to find a new job due to the job opportunities have been cutting down tremendously by most companies. It's time for you to think of setting up a second income source.

If you are thinking of getting a part-time job from other company, and go to work after your day job, then you probably will have a hard time find one in today's recession situation. Then, what other ways to source for income if you can't find a part-time job?

What if you create one for yourself? There are a few ways to make your own business without the need to investment a lot of money. By using the advantages of internet and online business features that allow you to work from home, here are the 2 common ways of earning money online:

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that enables you to make money online without the need to have your own product. There are many online merchants looking for marketing outsourcing. They make their products available for online freelance agents, called affiliates who will be given commission based on their sales. You can set up a website to sell a few selected affiliate products. Your role as an affiliate is to drive web traffic to your website or directly to merchant's website through a unique link that will identify you as the affiliate who makes the sale.

Affiliate marketing has been a good income source for many people either as the part-time job or a full-time income. You may consider to set up a second income source through affiliate marketing while you still with your day job. Invest some time and efforts to make it successful; it can become your main income source just in case you are being laid off.

2. Set up an online store

Unlike traditional business, you don't need to invest a lot of money to have your own business on internet. You can choose to become your own boss by opening an online store to sell physical or downloadable products. In addition, you don't need to own a product for an online business. There is a business called dropshipping where you can easily find the products you are interested in selling at your online store; buy it at wholesale price and sell it at retail price at your online store. Under the dropshipping business model, dropshippers will sell you their product at wholesale price for individual item and they will deliver the ordered items to your customers on your behalf.

You don't need to quit your day job to start an online business. In fact, you can do it in parallel and work it out for a success. The income from online store can replace your main income just in case you have lost your job due to being laid off.


Under the bad economy situation where companies are looking for potential cost cutting and headcounts reduction, no job is guaranteed. As a working individual, you need to start to think of how to maintain your income stream if you are hit by the recession wave. Internet can be the best source to set up an income online and be the back up income stream while you are still with your day job.

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Bill Cosby's Keynote Speech

Popular entertainer Bill Cosby delivered the keynote address at Carnegie Mellon University's 2007 commencement ceremony. The experience inspired Mr. Cosby to give Carnegie Mellon its first live mascot, a Scottish terrier named Scotty who arrived in Pittsburgh in May 2008

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Got Fax?

Got Fax? I'm just starting to get into this so I wanted to share. There are services that allow you to setup a Fax Service my email. You can send and receive all of your faxes by email. You can even seleft an (800) number if you like.

Check out my site at and use the right ane left arrows toward the end of the page and look for Fax Thru Email.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

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Our Broadcast

Now Broadcasting via Holman's World Inc (R) at

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Bail Out Jamal Bryant

Dr. Jamal Bryant teaches on the biblical and practical Bailout plan for the economy.

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Chris Gardner

Carver Federal Savings Bank

Deborah C. Wright on the Black Enterprise Business Report

Women of Power

African Americans on Corporate Boards

'Mass Customize' Your Job Search

Yes, you have to customize your approach to every job you apply for. No, it doesn't have to be painful.

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Keep Your Career Moving

From Dice:

Okay, so the worst has happened and you're out of work. Believe it or not, you can use this time to make yourself an even stronger professional. How? We'll figure it out.